and so it begins…

Today is the day people… the day I have decided to finally make my own blog! I’m bored of seeing the same old same old things. I feel as though people are in somewhat of a rut; everything is a little <i>same-y</i> (not sure if that is an actual word :/) anyway I feel as though the blogger world has become one where no risks or fashion predictions are being made until clothing is finally popular everywhere and everyone has it and or sells these items.

The moment I realised and had had enough of this was a couple of months ago about lace up tops – they were cool and so 70s and I said to my boyfriend “these will be so popular” and they were, soon enough in every online site, high street store and then sure enough every blog… which they should have started from in my opinion. This I feel has happened a lot in my life and I finally feel like I should be predicting, buying and showing things and styles earlier…isn’t that the point of blogs?

Lets so how this goes…learn together, see things for the first time together and thrive together!


Topshops big reveal!

topshop have finally revealed who their new celebrity model. My twitter was full of “#whosthatgirl” and it is finally revealed to be Kate Bosworth! It is a relief for all of us who were dying to know! She is such a fresh face I’m sure she will be amazing as the new topshop girl!

Fashion and Textiles Pathway begins..

So far I am loving my course.

Fashion and Textiles has been amazing, we are in the midst of a brief entitled “Inglorious Beasties”. This means animals…”beasts” that can not help being bad!

Screen printing has begun and I have created a hybrid animal “Beetlefly” a cross between a beetle and a fly.

Pictures will be uploaded shortly.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was my main inspiration for my idea as I knew I wanted to start my work by using a book, therefore I took one of not only Shakespeare’s very popular Sonnet 130, but it is also my favourite Sonnet of his. The poem basically says how Shakespeares love is not that great, other poets compare women wrongly and make them seem more beautiful then what they actually are.
Therefore I wrote his sonnet on one side then showed a portrayl of what the poem means by placing ink on chiffon made roses and tarnishing something; As the poets themselves have.

Aardman Animations is one of our chosen research artists!

Morph is a character from the 90’s which we have loosely based the form of our character around